Success Stories

Reclaiming $100 Million Of Lost Revenue A Year

Your skilled workforce is your company’s competitive edge. Leveraging technology to increase their efficiency is your company’s ...

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Rates, Filings and Forms – System Updates – A P&C Insurance BPO Case Study

Efficiently tackling a critical business process. For an Insurance Carrier writing multiple commercial lines across multiple ...

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Improving Individual Patient Experience

Patient coordination of care and leveraging macro trends for further gains The path to improved patient ...

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QA Testing Supporting Artist Payment System

Royalty payments are the lifeblood for any creative artist, tracking usage, payments and distribution of those ...

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Enabling a Customer 360 Degree View

When this global entertainment provider began the CRM strategy 15 years ago to know their Guests ...

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Driving Improved Customer Experience While Reducing Operating Costs

This world-wide auto manufacturer had multiple B2B portals supporting their various dealer networks. These portals were built with differing ...

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Customer Engagement – Smart Meters

This Texas-based company provides electricity and energy services to retail customers in the United States. The ...

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Business Intelligence – Foundation for Growth

A large wealth management company was launching an aggressive growth plan targeting doubling assets under management ...

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Financial and Payroll Digitization – Data Migration

Operational Optimization is critical to support hypergrowth One of the largest risks in any process digitization ...

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