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Enabling a Customer 360 Degree View

When this global entertainment provider began the CRM strategy to know their Guests and provide personalized messages based on the Guest history and interests, Siebel was chosen as the CRM system to record and store the information at the reservation center.


Over time there have been additional systems added to the reservation process for Guest information and a booking client to provide recommendations based on the Guest requests and input from revenue management.

As the role of Siebel was reduced, issues sprung up that were associated with having multiple systems of record increased – especially related to the records for global guest data and the bidirectional synchronization of the data between systems.

The Challenge

With data stored in different silos cross-sell and up-sell capabilities were severely constrained.  The customer needed the means to provide insights to the marketing team and prompting for sales associates to increase the value of each interaction.

Strategy and Goals

RCG was engaged to replace the global Siebel CRM functionality with custom functionality. RCG established a dual-shore project team applying an agile methodology to develop the user interface and integrate the web services integration for six (6) distinct functional areas including:

  • Log-in and Home Page
  • Guest / Travel Agent / Travel Agency Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Discovery, Interactions, and Itinerary Management


RCG’s framework for such capabilities has three main components for a holistic solution: insight-driven marketing (which comes out of marketing ROI, brand, customers, products, and channels), customer segmentation and targeting (made possible through customer insight, data mining, and segmentation), and customer contact transformation (made possible by customer interaction and integrated contact management).


In addition to using LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP- Zend framework) with integration to an Oracle back-end, RCG has developed utilities to automate portions of the process and identified process improvements to make the processes more efficient.

The Final Results

This modernized functionality was successfully delivered and deployed by RCG on schedule and within budget even with client required program-level changes and multiple release deployments.

The Conclusion

RCG is providing sustainment and enhancement services for the application. RCG is delivering continuous improvement by involving the Business and IT and making phased application modernization a reality. 

RCG performs this service from our Offshore Delivery Center in Manila, Philippines. RCG’s team continually seeks productivity and quality improvement to increase the benefits to our clients.

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