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Customer Engagement

Creating and delivering a consistent customer experiences to build loyalty and drive sustainable growth.

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Elevating customer engagement at every touchpoint, every time.

Customers have never had higher expectations for responsive, quick, and customized experiences. 

Add in seemingly endless online and e-commerce platforms and the difference between organizations that can deliver high-quality digital customer experiences and those that cannot becomes even more stark. 

This is why your organization cannot overlook the role of customer engagement and how its ties in your team structures, operations, and technology to foster brand growth, loyalty, and customer retention.

RCG helps organizations create consistent and personalized customer journeys.

No matter your industry or the scale of your operations, RCG can help your organization take the right steps to give your customers the experience they deserve.

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Customer Experience

Redefine your customer experience.

Many companies lack integrated capabilities, technology, data, and insights to genuinely deliver on consumer’s changing needs. They have not yet mapped out “the jobs the customer wants to be done” and the related jobs the organization must do effectively to produce that winning experience throughout the lifecycle of the customer journey.

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Customer Engagement

Leverage RCG's CxDNA framework to boost engagement.

We view customer engagement as the DNA that makes for sustainable organizations, comprised of two strands that form a double helix. 

The Customer Strand views your business from their perspective and how they interact with your technology, people, processes, and products. The Organizational Strand helps to ensure you have the right tools in places to reach, connect with, and retain customers.

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Customer Satisfaction

Operationalize data for intelligent customer satisfaction.

Take your customer analytics to the next level to create a data-driven, holistic view of your customer experience. By identifying data sources, integrating solutions, and applying industry-leading techniques, RCG can help your organization blend intelligent technologies with your organization's innate value proposition.

In our 2022 Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, RCG achieved a score of 65 which is well above the excellent threshold. In specific industries such as Insurance, that number rose to 75; healthcare and financial services industries were close behind with scores of 73 and 70 respectively.

Industry Trends Driving Customer Engagement:


About half of customers surveyed stop visiting a brand after just one bad customer experience and, after a string of several bad experiences, 80 percent will stop.


Today, 67% of companies feel they compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX, and 81% expect to do so in two years.

Our Clients

key capabilities

Deliver data-driven customer engagement.

RCG understands what it takes to create innovative, responsive, and data-driven experiences no matter where your customers are.

Customer Strategy Development

Customer Strategy Development

Create a roadmap that deploys tools to create personalized customer journeys that deliver value.
Intelligent Customer Engagement

Intelligent Customer Engagement

Go beyond traditional customer experience metrics and leverage data to be proactive and predictive.

Organizational Alignment

Organizational Alignment

Educate and empower staff to identify new ways to serve customers with new digital tools and actionable insights.

Product and Service Optimization

Product and Service Optimization

Bring new products and services that align with customer behaviors to market faster to enable long-term growth.

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