Increasing the level of In-Home Patient Care

Better manage homecare nurses work schedules and accommodate last-minute shift changes

Imagine a workforce that in their daily personal lives are constantly connected to the world around them via mobile apps, smart devices, and texting, not having immediate access to their upcoming schedule but rather having to call someone to get the information.  Imagine an organization with tens of thousands of mobile workers with no way to know where they are, what they are doing, and the results of their visits.


Unfilled patient care shifts across the system were reduced by 30%. Revenue that was previously “leaking” was recovered, driving more than $10 million to the bottom line. Best of all, consistency of patient care improved and patient experience scores also increased across the system.

  • 30% Reduction in unfilled Patient Shifts
  • >$10M Increase in Revenue

Desired Outcome

A national provider of in-home skilled nursing came to RCG Global Services with a challenge – connecting their entire workforce with a mobile and web-based application to enable more effective workforce management and maximizing visits per nurse as well improved patient outcomes.

The solution would need to have an effective, intuitive user interface operating similar to the mobile applications the nurses were familiar with in their personal lives. The client expected a significant revenue uplift as a result of fewer lost shifts.  The rolled out a solution would be a foundation for future rapid rollouts on their digital platform.

Our Solution

RCG Global Services utilized our dual shore model, with senior consultants, designers and program managers embedded with the customer design team and executives, and our offshore development resources using agile processes and the React library to develop and deploy the application to both iOS and Android platforms.

This solution was designed, tested and deployed in less than 5 months, radically changing this provider’s workforce enablement and efficiency.

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