Rates, Filings and Forms – System Updates – A P&C Insurance BPO Case Study

Efficiently tackling a critical business process.

For an Insurance Carrier writing multiple commercial lines across multiple states, keeping ISO/NCCI and AAIS Rates, Filings and Forms up-to-date is not only costly, but it is also a regulatory requirement. Traditionally, with the high complexity in the process, each could take around 6 weeks and cost $60,000, more if hard coding on legacy systems is required.

A Property and Casualty Software Core Suite provider, worked with RCG Global Services to find a way to create greater operational efficiencies reducing time and cost for implementing these changes across their customer base.


  • 90% Cost Savings and Reduction in time from 6 weeks to 1 week.
  • Due to working with RCG, Client and their clients can meet bureau and state requirement in a much speedier manner, and avoid costly fines.
  • In addition, the use of RCG’s Philippines ODC provides a cost-effective solution to manage the often back and forth that takes place during proposed systems updates. This aids RCGs primary client and also our client’s Carrier clients


Desired outcome

The desired outcome is twofold

  1. Clients “base software package” is up to date with all rates, filings, and forms for all States all lines and Bureaus. Client releases a new version of its software with any new changes every 2 weeks
  2. Clients Carrier clients are provided with updates that they can easily adopt/ not adopt and make changes via Configuration and not hard coding. (in the majority of cases.)

Our Solution

RCG Global Services worked closely with the client utilizing our US base consulting team to define the requirements and process.  We integrated our Philippines team in a production environment to efficiently and cost-effectively enact the changes for this provider’s clients. The tight working team formed is a result of low turn-over off-shore and their working US Day Shift hours along with the US Project Team.

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