Helping Hospitals Improve Outcomes and Reduce Cost Concurrently

Improving Outcomes while Lowering Costs

Flexibility and scalability are critically important for fast growth and accelerating the pace of onboarding new clients to quicken value delivery.

One of the largest suppliers in the healthcare market doesn’t view their job as just providing supplies to hospitals. They take it several steps further. They provide solutions to some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges, with the ultimate goal being improving outcomes while lowering cost.


87% Reduction in time for data onboarding

90% Reduction in cycle time to onboard a new client

Desired outcome

Imagine sitting in the middle of high growth, constantly evolving, and critically important industry and being a catalyst for two objectives that do not naturally go hand in hand: Improving outcomes and reducing costs.  Almost an oxymoron these days.  What can be more important in all our lives than healthcare?

At the core of these solutions is data and the analytics applied to the data. That is challenging enough but add to that a high growth environment generated by a continuous stream of new capabilities, acquisitions, and a growing list of clients and you create a real challenge.  This provider wanted to connect with suppliers, and customers without requiring them to make expensive and time-consuming systems modifications.  They needed to take in large volumes of data in any format from disparate systems and make sense out of it.  To do that they needed a partner that was able to flex with the changes they were about to uncover.

Our Solution

RCG Global Services created a unified team with the client to architect, design and deploy a flexible data architecture and platform that was scalable, affordable, and extensible for future use beyond their initial use cases .  That was the easy part, the hard part was ingesting volumes of data in numerous formats, ensuring quality and making that data usable in an analytics engine.

The resultant solution provided the client with the ability to rapidly build out the source data for their analytics engine providing recommendations to their customers as well as to more efficiently manage their and their client’s supply chain. This architecture has enabled them to requiring any changes in the source data structure.

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