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Predictable Claims Conversion and Program Management

A specialized insurance company that provides exceptionally personalized service was at risk of becoming obsolete due antiquated technology. Propelling them into the digital era required a new claims system and migrating the mainframe claim data.  


Protecting an insurance company’s reputation is critical as the majority of insureds purchase based on the belief their losses will be resolved equitably.  Ensuring an accurate and efficient process relies upon empathic adjusters and enabling those adjusters to be efficient.  Implementation of a new claims system off loads low value add tasks freeing up time for adjusters to focus on working with the customer.

The Challenge

Modernize the claims platform and deliverable measurable outcomes.

Strategy and Goals

RCG orchestrated the legacy data conversion using the RCG|enable® framework for translation and enrichment of the legacy data.  RCG|enable® provide the capability to execute full conversions early in the delivery identifying data issues, inefficiencies and other impactful items for prompt resolution.

The Final Results

The new claims solution enabled:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by setting clear expectations
  • Reduced claim costs through detailed analytics  identifying inefficiencies
  • Reduced cost of claims service through automation of previously manual tasks

The Conclusion

RCG provided program leadership focusing the vendor, insurance company and RCG staff on the end goal of a successful delivery.  This required taking into account data migration, new requirements, enhancement to remaining legacy systems, new external data interfaces and vendor delivery to name a few.


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