Doubling Size and Delighting Guests

Transforming the organization to drive greater guest engagement while doubling your size

To support hyper-growth, scalability with cost efficiency is a significant priority.  Starting with a roadmap ensures that you have a vision of where you want to end up and the most efficient steps to get you there. 


  • 100% Growth in 2 years
  • Platform scalability at a lower cost per location
  • Improved profit/revenue per location
  • Increased Guest Engagement

Desired outcome

When you are already a decade’s mature national entertainment venue, striving to double in size over 2 years is an exciting and nerve racking goal.  Especially when you look at your processes and systems and understand they won’t get you where you need to go given the dramatic shift in consumer trends. 

To create greater customer engagement and enable operational capabilities to meet the rapid planned growth, digitization is the only way to go.  That is why this customer’s executive team made digital transformation a priority.

They were looking to enhance the guests experience by allowing them to roam through the venue and have their service follow them. Allow self-service for key clients.  Use analytics to better understand guest behaviors as well as individual location and region performance.

Our Solution

RCG Global Services consulting team worked with the client cross functional team to create a digital roadmap and supporting architecture that would enable this digital transformation.  The first Phase involved deploying a next generation cloud based IT footprint and deploying an initial suite of self service capabilities.

Next phase includes creating dashboards that will enable driving operational optimization, and sales improvements. These dashboards are intended to KPI visuals for each layer of management.  The ultimate goal being driving higher sales volume, profitability and guest engagement.

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