Hortonworks Partner: RCG CEO Interview

Categories: Big Data , Hortonworks

Rob Simplot, CEO & President of RCG Global Services, was interviewed at the Hadoop Summit in June 2016 about RCG’s achievement as a Platinum Consulting partners in the Partnerworks program, demonstrating RCG’s large investment in Hortonworks capabilities including Hadoop certifications.

RCG supports a large and growing client roster using Hadoop with services including:

  • Data Ingestion – RCG’s Framework provides a simple and cost effective way to load data into the Data Lake without having to deal with the technical issues of new and unfamiliar data types and technologies.
  • Security & Governance – RCG incorporates effective data governance and security for large scale, multi-national Hadoop implementations at all levels including process, organization and architecture throughout the data flow (collect, conduct and curate).
  • Analytics – RCG applies data stream analytics to analyze data in motion using Hortonworks Data Flow, Inferential Analysis, and disciplines based on MapReduce and Big Data.
  • EDW Offload – RCG’s proven approach, products and accelerators deliver quick EDW cost savings and establish a modern data architecture to enable new analytical capabilities.
  • Data Science – RCG applies machine learning and natural language processing to glean insights from the big data environment, solve specific problems and develop actionable plans with predictive analytics.

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