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Intelligent Innovation

Embrace the cognitive era with innovation in a way that is smarter, faster and achieves outcomes that matter while reducing risks.


Brilliant AI Solutions for a Brighter Future

  • Reduce time to market for products & services
  • Increase the productivity of people & processes
  • Acquire new technology skills more quickly
  • Improve knowledge management & resilience
  • Optimize costs & use of resources
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Establish momentum & move the needle

Now is the Time to Seize the Opportunity


38 %

Improvement in profitability by applying AI for companies faced with fierce competition


Of the opportunities that use AI are improving performance of existing use cases


Of firms have not even begun to address what is in their must-do quadrant with the benefits of AI

Leverage RCG's Deep Experience

Intelligent Innovation™ solutions deliver a powerful combination of business consulting, outcomes-focused application development, and implementation of Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science.


Harness RCG's Data DNA

Data engineering and Data Science are in our DNA. This is super critical since AI advances the need for integrated tech stack solutions to deliver value.


Achieve Actionable Insights

RCG is adept at the Advanced Technologies that are needed to enable AI and achieve outcomes:

  • Computational power
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Rich data resources to learn from
  • Defined use cases and applications
  • Human input to train the AI
key capabilities

How RCG delivers for you

We work hard to deliver a solution tailored to your business.



Start with a known pain point, a challenge that you believe may be solved more efficiently and scale with AI
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Use Case-Driven

Identify AI projects to drive efficiency and performance of activities that consistently require more time and money

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Innovation & Experimentation

Use advanced data science, agile analytics, and prototyping to test new ideas and guide new business plans

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Maintain and manage your AI solution with ongoing services and heavy lifting as needed and as it makes sense for you

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