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Help Retailers Gain Insights and Increase Sales

AI-driven social media chatbot solution “learns” from retail customers

RCG’s client provides a variety of services to the world’s leading retail brands.  They challenged us to develop a modern solution that listens to customers’ social media conversations.


The retailers needed to “hear” what their customers were saying about their brand, products, and services on social media and online forums.  Our client wanted a tool to effectively translate a customer conversation into insights that lead to personalized recommendations for the customer as well as insights for the retailers that influence the development of new products and services.

The Challenge

Understand and interpret human behavior, discover trends, identify influencers, and communicate insights both to the customers and the retailers.

Strategy and Goals

By fetching conversations from a variety of social media platforms and engaging customers in personalized conversations, the solution can improve conversion rates, influence and increase sales, and deliver insights to improve product design, future marketing, and overall customer experience.

Produce Insights and Actions that Deliver Results

The RCG architected and developed solution incorporates the latest AI, chatbot, benchmarking, and location-aware technology into a single, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy solution. Our creative approach resulted in a robust AI solution for our client to share with its retail customers. The solution incorporates a variety of tools and techniques:

  • Data Collection and Mining
  • Social Search
  • Collection of User Reviews and Comments with AI Integrations
  • Sentiment Analysis, Mention Analytics, and Influencer Scoring
  • Advanced-Data Analysis resulting in insights and actions that deliver results

The Final Results

  • 400+ retail brands have utilized the solution in conjunction with our client’s optimized data to identify more real-time impressions, create dynamic interactions, and provide brilliant online services for engaging customers
  • 91% of the executives within the retailers using the solution agree that this solution will play a disruptive role in their organization
  • 94% of the retailers using the solution intend to invest more in the tool

The Conclusion

Access to this tool enables effective engagement with consumers to enable positive business change with real results by understanding data correctly.

  • See how ad spend is delivering, understand what people are saying, engage effectively.
  • See exit surveys, NPS and Loyalty data in the same view via messenger engagement
  • Engage directly with customers via social media or assign tasks internally.

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