Enhanced planning and visibility to create greater inventory efficiency

Move from manual off-line tracking to a single on-line system

Creating a single view of your property inventory in the hospitality business dramatically improves your ability to optimize operations, streamlining processes. Creating the system is one critical step, accurately migrating data is another.


  • 75% Increased Productivity
  • 30% Operational Cost Savings

Desired Outcome

Sometimes fast growth ultimately becomes a challenge when you continue to rely on the things that got you to where you are.  In the case of a large hospitality organization that was just the case.  They had gotten to the point where they were using 50 different offline databases and spreadsheets to track the status on the property inventory across the world.  This created real challenges in forecasting bookings and leveraging inventory.

Their vision was to create a single online planning system with access to inventory across all properties. The goal was to significantly improve forecast accuracy and the timeliness of reporting.  They also wanted to be able to more effectively leverage 3rd party sales channels to improve inventory utilization.

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