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Cloud Services

Providing the technology your organization needs for agile and continuous innovation in today's increasingly complex digital world.

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Cloud Engineering & Architecture

Elevate your business with cloud technology.

As the demands of the digital age accelerate, the ability to deploy, scale, and adapt systems quickly and effectively is critical to an organization’s success. RCG brings the experience, expertise, and solutions required to help organizations fully leverage the wide range of benefits of cloud technology, no matter the size or scope of your operations.

Create custom cloud architecture solutions.

We provide tailored, end-to-end, technology-agnostic solutions to meet your business challenges. RCG has strong partnerships with each of the three leading cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

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Focus on the value and impact of hybrid cloud solutions. 

Understand, track, and refine metrics that capture the value that products are services are bringing to the market. Know how to course-correct to make an observable change in market share, customer satisfaction, and revenue that can be attributed to a release.

Using automation to increase productivity

Leverage proven tools, strategies, and professionals.

RCG has a deep bench of cloud experts with the industry knowledge your business needs to maximize the benefits of your infrastructure investments.

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How RCG Enables a Seamless Cloud Migration:



We work closely with your team to create a unique “Cloud Strategy Framework," including your key business drivers and IT maturity.


Using a vendor-agnostic approach and modern cloud enterprise architecture, we migrate workloads from on-premises or mainframe to the cloud.


RCG's proprietary tools and technology partners help you move, manage, and analyze data in a cloud/on-premises hybrid.


We deploy agile-based continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes to develop and host mobile, web, and IOT apps in the cloud.


We determine the support, operations, and maintenance for each case, leveraging experienced technologists to deliver reliable and cost-effective services.


We leverage the latest in serverless lambda, microservices architectures, machine learning, and deep learning to bring you the future of cloud technology, today.
Practice Leader

Kurt Wysock, Cloud Engineering Practice Lead

Kurt Wysock joined RCG as a Principal in 2021 establishing RCG as a leader in cloud engineering services with a focus on application modernization in the cloud. Under his leadership, RCG has delivered dozens of successful cloud migrations and data & analytics platforms across 3 cloud service providers.


Explore the benefits of moving to the cloud today.

With cloud technology, an organization is more efficient and better positioned to achieve its business growth goals.

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The automated steps associated with cloud-based practices free developers’ time to focus on other key business priorities, such as innovation, security, code quality, or higher-level business goals. 

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Speed to Market

In a cloud environment, organizations can make changes and adjustments quickly and securely, allowing them to shift focus to innovation, tighten development cycles, and send products to market quickly.

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Customer Experience 

Cloud solutions make it easy for developers to create a consistent user experience across every single channel—a key factor in creating a cohesive customer experience. In addition, greater flexibility allows for fast response to changing customer needs.

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Lower Costs

With pay-as-you-go packages, low-cost secure storage, and scalable pricing options, cloud computing is one of the most cost-effective solutions for using and maintaining IT infrastructure.

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Unlimited Scalability

The plug-and-play nature of cloud computing, including headless APIs, allow for easy and continuous updates to match business needs.

Our CLOUD Architecture SERVICES

The Cloud Tools of Tomorrow, Delivered Today

Take a closer look at our advanced cloud solutions to explore the features and benefits that best suit your organization.


Assess and propose a migration approach.
A formalized assessment on infrastructure maturity, assets, options, and opportunities to build a business case for cloud migration.

Get a tailored migration to the cloud.
Selectively identify applications that scale and run more efficiently in the cloud while some on-premises applications and services still exist.

Migrate completely to the cloud.
Enable a full decommission of on-premises environments with full cost savings while improving performance with the ability to extend and modernize further.

Migrate with a new UI/UX.
Create a hybrid cloud approach to maintain core on-premises capabilities while providing new cloud-enabled services, data platform capabilities, and SaaS offerings to improve digital experience and access to key data assets.

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