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Enabling Faster and Higher Volumes of Software Releases

A large global financial services firm in the payment processing industry was dealing with a myriad of interconnected internal and external systems, thousands of client organizations and tens of thousands of endpoints, change is constant. 


With high growth, a constant stream of application releases and a high standard of quality, there is a significant burden placed on internal resources to meet the demands. 

The Challenge

Ensure high quality in every monthly release, do so in a cost-effective manner even with an increasing volume of work, and ensure a constant stream of innovation to keep ahead of their changing and evolving industry.

Strategy and Goals

RCG Global Services teamed with the client to deploy dual shore Offerings that operated so seamlessly it was hard to tell who the client was and who was the provider.  The team provided end-to-end Application outsourcing from inception to maintenance support as well as an enterprise-wide state of the art functional and on-the-fly automated testing. 

To handle growth, we implemented a variety of advanced Testing services combined with the latest emerging technological advances and processes such as Service Virtualization, Agile SAFE Dev Ops, Test Data Management, Cloud computing, Centralized Real-time Regression Testing; On Demand Performance Testing/tuning and Combinatorial testing techniques.

The Final Results

< 10% Variance of actuals against Estimates in the last 5 years.

15% Year over year efficiency gains

< 2% Average production leakage year on year (Sev 3); 0 on Sev 1 and 2 priority

46% Increased Automation coverage.

30% Year over year increase on test coverage

75% Reduction on manual regression test.

The Conclusion

Our joint governance process included Software Delivery milestone targets Reporting through a Scorecard, Real-time Velocity, On Demand Quality Assurance Dashboard and SLA Metrics containing in-depth analysis and identification of potential efficiency gains.

RCG performs this service from our Offshore Delivery Center in Manila, Philippines. RCG’s team continually seeks productivity and quality improvement to increase the benefits to our clients.

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