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Intelligent Solutions for a Risk Based World

Moving next-generation solutions to the cloud in a SaaS model

This supplier to Healthcare Systems realized they could no longer grow unless they moved from an on-site installed platform to a cloud-based solution. 


Changes in the healthcare industry are putting more pressure on oversight responsibilities for hospitals and physician practices. To avoid financial penalties, reimbursement paybacks, and tarnished reputations, you must be vigilant in managing your organizational risks. You need to be able to easily identify risk and outliers, audit for further investigation and initiate corrective action.

The Challenge

Connect the remote entire workforce with a mobile and web-based application to enable more effective workforce management and maximizing visits per nurse as well improved patient outcomes.

Strategy and Goals

In a digital world, this supplier to Healthcare Systems realized they could no longer grow unless they moved from an on-site installed platform to a cloud-based solution.  Customers were looking for rapid implementation, a subscription-based service, with no maintenance on their part. In the fast-changing world of healthcare, they needed to enable more frequent releases to help keep their clients current. In an age of analytics-driven decision, trending data was a critical must have in this new offering.

Every industry is more quickly embracing cloud services, not only as a means to scale faster and reduce costs, they view SaaS models are enabling faster adaptation to changing markets.  Healthcare providers are quickly moving in this direction to enhance operational efficiency.

The RCG team worked closely with the client project management team to consolidate the features and best practices of the existing versions into a cohesive feature list and backlog.  This process leveraged an earlier Application Assessment and Roadmap project completed for the client to estimate and a plan for the development of the new application.

A Solution Architecture, Application Architecture, and Database Architectures were constructed. Our team developed the detailed designs, the application code, deployment code, database schemas, reports &, analytics platforms which will be the basis for the final product.

The Final Results

  • 50% Reduction in new client onboarding
  • 2 hour vs. 2-month new feature deployment
  • 12 hour vs. 2 years to upgrade the entire installed base

The Conclusion

Coupled with brilliant new product features from the client’s SMEs the team was able to develop a SaaS solution that is robust and easy to maintain and expand.


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