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RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics

Manage the risk of the loan portfolio and maximize the risk-adjusted rate of return, minimize capital reserve requirements, and strengthen compliance

Enhance Time-To-Value

Monitoring thousands of loans is a challenge. Events like weather and earthquakes make it difficult to analyze the impact on capital reserves, service operations, and more. 

Interactive Loan Portfolio Analytics provide transparency into the characteristics and risks associated with each loan and loan segment to support understanding of exposures and limits on each risk pool. 

Why use Loan Portfolio Analytics

“Examiners will focus on the implementation of activities that identify, measure, monitor, and manage CRE risk exposures” (FDIC). Loan Portfolio Analytics provides:

  • Interactive spreadsheets for the analysis of loan concentrations by classification and geography
  • Interactive graphics, visual formats for loan-to-value analyses
  • Access to historical data for trend and experience analysis

RCG‘s cloud-based approach effectively supports our Big Data initiative and enhances the time-to-value analysis of our loan portfolio. We are excited about our ongoing partnership with the RCG Managed Services team as they continue to provide their expertise and support to expand Cloudera across our entire organization.

– COO Northeast Regional Bank


Deeper Understanding of Risk From Credit Exposure

Look at loans and credit risk by:

  • Loan portfolios and risk pools
  • Risk ratings and experience
  • Property and guarantee type
  • Industry classification
  • Geographic boundaries down to a county level

Integration of Market Data With Loan Data

Integrate loan data with third-party data to:

  • Identify changes in lending
  • Identify changes in employment
  • Identify changes in property valuations
  • Identify other changes affecting risk

Extendable, Agile Foundation For Managing Risk

  • A set of core analytics for analyzing credit risk based on technologies that enable access to loan documents and other information
  • Ability to distribute analytic results with Microsoft PowerBI Desktop

Why Loan Portfolio Analytics?

The RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics solution provides a detailed description of a client’s loan portfolio by assessing the characteristics and attributes of the portfolio. The dashboard monitors exposure and assesses geographic exposures, risk aging, risk rating situations, loan-to-values, industry classifications (NAICS or SIC codes), property types, guarantee types and exceptions on an aggregate and new origination basis for the given period. Enhanced analysis of the loan portfolio provides more transparency surrounding the unique characteristics and risk associated with each loan segment and helps frame exposures and limits on each loan portfolio.

RCG|enable® Loan Portfolio Analytics Solution Architecture

Loan Portfolio Analytics provides a robust technical infrastructure with Cazena, Cloudera, and Trifacta that is able to support all data types such as loan documents, complex data types, and more. RCG provides a simplified Loan Portfolio Analytics solution so a client needs only to provide their data in the specified input format. If a client doesn’t have the resources available to do this, RCG can provide services to help the client prepare their data quickly using Trifacta Enterprise.

Flexible and Expandable Analytics Solution

  • Core Credit Analytics available out of the box
  • Customization and enhancements available from RCG
  • Result: Credit Analytics out of the box and tailored to needs

Strong and Secure Analytics Infrastructure

  • A Cloudera modern data platform running on Microsoft Azure
  • Cazena fully managed single-tenant SOC2 big data-as-a-service
  • Result: Multi-level security with Cazena, Cloudera, and Azure

Accelerated Analytics Business Solutions

  • Flexible technologies to quickly adapt to evolving needs
  • Trifacta for accelerated data preparation
  • Result: Faster, flexible, extendable loan portfolio analytic results

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