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Redefine Customer Enagement at Your Company

Your customers mean everything to your business — and obviously without them, you would have no business. Get the 14 key questions to consider in assessing the quality and effectiveness of your customer engagement initiative.

About RCG

RCG brings focused expertise to affect business change, enable digital transformation, and deliver measured value and impact. RCG is a global provider of digital solutions across mobile, web, cloud, and legacy platforms, with a focus on integrating front end processes with actionable data and analytics. We have a rich history of enabling clients in the Global 1000 marketplace to realize their digital ambitions — serving clients across a range of markets, with special emphasis on financial services, insurance, healthcare, and consumer industries.

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Achieving Outcomes

RCG is focused on achieving measurable business outcomes in three areas: Customer Engagement, Workforce Enablement, and Operations Optimization. Our capabilities include Strategic Roadmaps, UI/UX design, Web/Mobile Development, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, QA Engineering, and Sustainment.

Customer Engagement

It’s all about the customer – knowing them from a 360° perspective and anticipating their needs and actions to promote retention and profitability.

Workforce Enablement

Digital approaches can better connect our employees and partners making us all more productive and effective.

Operation Optimization

Creating new digital processes, shortening time-to-market, and reducing overall costs are all part of the digital ambition.

Client Success Story

Realizing the digital ambition is more than re-platforming existing systems; it requires a true transformation and a willingness to embrace a new culture, new processes, and ever-evolving technologies.

A retailer planning to double their number of stores in the next 2 years needed to provide a consistent customer experience and build a foundation to support the planned growth. RCG provided the digital strategy and engineering to transform the legacy enterprise systems to the Azure DevOps platform.

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