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Perspectives on key trends and enablers for success now

Modern approaches to innovating and thriving in your market today - from powering your organization with Data & AI to ensuring stellar customer experiences

Man touching a screen with a circular technology abstract
Agile DevOps

Agile Project Management 101: Immediacy versus Urgency

by Dov Rosenberg –  I recently did an assessment of a Global 100 company’s software development...

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Two coworkers conducting quality testing at their computers
Quality Engineering

Why Software Quality Assurance Should be a Shared Responsibility

by Lynda Mendiola –  “Software quality isn’t my job. It’s their job.” The “their” in that...

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A hand holding a smartphone that has updates on transit times and ratings for hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants
Quality Engineering

How AI and RPA are Changing the Insurance Industry

The digital tester The challenge of providing high-quality code is as old as programming itself,...

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Programming code abstract
Digital Strategy

Aspiring to a Zero Back Office for Your Insurance Operations

by Eunice Abarilles and Charles Sybert –  Most people will start their day with a simple question,...

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Digital binary code on top of a blue geometric background
Quality Engineering

A Holistic Approach to Shift-Left Quality Assurance Software Testing

by Rachelle McLure –   How are you doing quality assurance software testing at your organization?...

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A team of happy app developers huddled around a laptop
Cloud Engineering

Maximizing Your Insurance Customer Experience with Mobile Applications

by Charles Sybert – Now more than ever in today’s digital world, it is fundamental for companies to...

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Data & AI

Identity Resolution and Your Unified Insurance Customer Profile

by Darwin Castro –  You hear phrases like “Single view of the customer,” “360-degree customer...

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Two men looking at tablet and smiling.
Digital Strategy

How to Lead Digital Transformation Across Your Organization

by Thomas Clarke – Today’s organizational leaders are constantly bombarded with reasons to...

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Man sitting at computer with computer generated images floating in front of him.
Digital Strategy

4 Keys for Executives Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare

by Dr. Rob Nelson – From restaurants and finance to education and manufacturing, digital...

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