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Perspectives on key trends and enablers for success now

Modern approaches to innovating and thriving in your market today - from powering your organization with Data & AI to ensuring stellar customer experiences

Analyst creating a report on their laptop with digital concepts of gantt charts, graphs, and KPIs hovering above the keyboard.
Digital Engineering

What Digital Engineering Is and Why It's Important to Your Business

by Dov Rosenberg - Over the past few years there has been a push away from monolithic business...

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A business man in the foreground holding a smartphone with a city skyline behind him

Optimize Your C-store Operations with Customer Location Intelligence

A cornerstone of American retail, about 3% of the total purchases a consumer makes each year comes...

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AI and customer data abstract on a dark blue background
Financial Services

How to Leverage Intelligent Customer Experiences in Financial Services

  “Happiness is stopping to smell the cookies” – said everybody ever by Joe Mendel –  Experiences...

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Binary code spaning across a highway towards a city
Customer Experience

6 Ways to Drive Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert –  Being more customer focused requires digital interaction...

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microscopic view of a DNA strand
Digital Strategy

Winning at Patient and Customer Experience with Customer xDNA

by Dr. Rob Nelson – Hospitals, Health Systems, and healthcare organizations of all types have been...

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A view of the world from space with interconnected lines spanning across the globe
Financial Services

ESG 101 for Financial Services: Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a focus will gain greater strides as...

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Silhouettes of people interacting with a digital concept overlay
Digital Strategy

A Quick Guide to Implementing a Customer Experience Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert –  Consumers are constantly connected using app-native...

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Illustration of a segment of DNA
Digital Strategy

How to Use Customer xDNA to Provide An Incredible Customer Experience

by Dr. Rob Nelson –  By now, most organizations have received “the memo”:  customer experience is...

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Businessman holding a tablet at arm's length surrounded by a digital assets concept
Financial Services

Utilizing Blockchain for Financial Services Organizations

by Joe Mendel -  New ecosystems based on immutable trust created by blockchain will revolutionize...

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