Improving Individual Patient Experience

Patient coordination of care and leveraging macro trends for further gains

The path to improved patient outcomes and customer engagement lay in workforce enablement. You want patients to access as many services within your system as they need for their care, and you also want a record in one place so each caregiver has the complete view of the patient.


  • 20% Improvement in patient satisfaction
  • 30% Reduction in clinician time spent collecting data
  • 75% Increase in data available for trend analysis

Desired Outcome

Visiting your health care provider these days can be frustrating.  With the growth of large regional and national providers, resources have multiplied but many times as you are dealing with a health issue you have to repeat your entire health history. This is especially frustrating when the name over the door is on every location you visit.  If they can’t put all of your information in one place and make sense of it, how can they effectively leverage population data and clinical outcomes to move the patient experience to the next level?

A large regional healthcare system had the vision to change the way they connected patient information to:

  • deliver a seamless clinical experience across all entities;
  • aggregate data to manage population and clinical outcomes;
  • interconnect access points and systems across their entire healthcare system.

Our solution

RCG Global Services worked closely with the provider’s personnel across functional areas to develop a roadmap that:

  • Captured all stakeholders’ priorities and current governance structure; obstacles and gaps in achieving the desired outcome;
  • Developed the overall architecture and technical overview;
  • Phased implementation strategy.

The healthcare system was able to deliver accurate and timely patient information for coordination of care and management of patient risk. Alerts were enabled at the point of care to improve clinical decision making. They were also able to leverage appropriate information about individual patient care to develop a macro trend analysis that will feed back into the care system.

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