Technology Portfolio Consolidation Assessment

The second-largest polystyrene producer in the Americas retained RCG to establish the cost and process required to support, manage and maintain its portfolio of custom-developed applications.

RCG was selected based on our proven Application Portfolio Assessment approach and tools used to collect and analyze the data related to the specific business application systems, the data processing environment, the resources used to maintain and enhance the applications, and the administrative environments supporting changes to the systems.


  • A proven approach to providing a quantitative and qualitative foundation for support
  • Repeatable, quick and noninvasive process
  • Easily understood results



Desired outcome

RCG was entrusted with leading the assessment and putting in place the portfolio management plan and framework required to manage the portfolio on a go-forward basis.  The client provided an inventory of custom and purchased applications that RCG combined into groups for analysis based on the business process, technology platform, support structure, and power users.

The identified business owners and power users for the identified business processes and systems were interviewed and findings collated into a report that formed the basis of a support plan and portfolio management process.

Our Solution

RCG performed an Application Portfolio Assessment of the 33 identified custom-developed applications to:

  • Establishing goals, objectives and desired service levels for Application Maintenance
  • Baselining skills, processes, and practices using RCG’s methodology
  • Validating the inventory of applications considered for maintenance
  • Providing a portfolio management roadmap and a plan for Maintaining and Enhancing the application inventory

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