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How Big Data and the Check Engine Light Will Transform Healthcare

by Robert Wolverton –  Before the ‘check engine’ light and similar on-board diagnostics were integrated into ...

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Making Data Lakes Usable: Why we need a semantic layer – and why it should be open source

by Rick Skriletz –   Big Data platforms, like Cloudera’s Data Hub, Hortonworks’ Data Platform, MapR’s Converged ...

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Voter Sentiment Snapshot of U.S. Presidential Election

by Shirley Santiago –  For United States citizens, presidential elections are fairly routine events. After all, ...

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Data Analytics: Art or Science

by Nilesh Kulkarni –  Art or science? That’s a question that has echoed through the ages ...

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The Value of Metadata-driven ETL Frameworks and Simplified SOA Services

by Joe Lolordo –  Would you like to be able to more effectively integrate a large ...

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Big Data, Hadoop Used to Accurately Analyze Voter Sentiment

by Shirley Santiago –  Elections are often unpredictable events. Even elections that are thought to be ...

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Big Data Ingestion Challenges: What to do with ALL that Data?

by Sai Yammada –  It’s a flood. A tidal wave. A torrent. Massive and unprecedented volumes ...

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Is Domain Knowledge Needed for Data Science?

by Ramesh Koovelimadhom –  Much has been written about this. There have been arguments for and ...

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Enhance Your Big Data Marketing Analytics with a Hype-Free Approach

by Damon Samuel –  When it comes to marketing analytics there are really only 4 things ...

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