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Delivering Consumer-Centric Experiences

Customize the way you engage with customers in travel & leisure, entertainment, restaurant, and retail consumer industries.

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Consumer Data Analytics

Modern consumer habits are rapidly evolving. 

Digitization has transformed consumer behavior. With the power to purchase in the palm of their hands, consumers wantand expecttotal control. In order to meet consumer demands and drive down overhead operating costs, companies today must prioritize the simple, intuitive digital experience consumers crave or risk losing their competitive edge. 

The digital transformation customer experience

Keep pace with your customers' growing demands.

Leverage streamlined, intuitive digital solutions to increase customer engagement and predict consumer habits. 


Consumer Habits

Understand your buyers with advanced analytics. 

Take the guesswork out of learning your consumers' habits. At RCG, we've developed a robust digital framework to help you better understand buyer behavior, forecast future demand, and modernize infrastructure to free up your capital and personnel. 

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Consumer Convenience

Empower your customers with intuitive mobile apps.

Consumers today are used to having total control over their purchases. And for businesses, empowering consumers through self-service means less time and resources are spent on call centers. RCG provides intuitive technology that guides users through every stage of the purchasing process so they can make purchases, use points, and buy points, without expensive human intervention. 

From phone calls and emails to meetings and even banking, consumers have grown accustomed to taking their lives with them on the go. Consumer habits when it comes to mobile purchases are no different. That's why we've developed sleek mobile apps so you can meet your consumers at the first point of entry for modern finances. 

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Consumer Data

Plan your products with actionable data insights. 

Learn exactly how your customers are interacting with your digital products and experiences. Iterate your processes with curated input from your users' firsthand experience. With the right data in hand, you can leverage insights to create strategic pricing methodology and identify opportunities to get ahead of your biggest competitors.

Localize prices based on shopper demand and automate your prices for an impactful, streamlined, and effortless implementation process. Visit our Knowledge Library to explore your options and define your strategic approach. 

our philosophy

Where Opportunity Meets Outcome:

Increase your bottom line with a digital strategy that understands your customers' habits. 



is the total retailers' global investments in digital transformation tools is expected to reach by 2026, growing by 18% a year.


of investments will be focused on platforms, personalization, and next-gen payments.


of consumers will pay more for the same product or service when there is a good digital experience.
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digital transformation SERVICES FOR consumer

Create future-focused digital consumer solutions.

Catapult your digital solutions to the next level with leading industry experts in digital strategy and production.


Digital Strategy

Create custom, holistic, and actionable digital roadmaps for your digital transformation.
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Data & AI

Solve your most pressing issues faster with advanced data analytics and AI.
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Cloud Services

Leverage end-to-end, agnostic technology solutions built from the world's leading cloud providers.
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Digital Products & Experiences

Enable your customers and workforce with applications that are easy to implement, quick to adapt, and maximize your value.

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Quality Engineering

Optimize your digital experiences with secure, reliable, and intuitive quality engineering.

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Digital Sustainment

Maintain and scale your biggest technology investments with full-lifecycle support from a trusted partner.

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