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Perspectives on key trends and enablers for success now

Modern approaches to innovating and thriving in your market today - from powering your organization with Data & AI to ensuring stellar customer experiences

A person holding a smartphone in one hand while they type on a laptop with the other hand. A digital connectivity concept circles the smartphone
Data & AI

How Data-Driven is Your Business?

by Rick Skriletz – Businesses are inundated with data but have less success turning it into...

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Concept art of social media connectivity on a blue background
Digital Strategy

Improve the Patient Experience with Customer Data Platforms

by Dr. Rob Nelson – If you are in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and having been...

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A man sitting at his desk analyzing a variety of charts, graphs, and data
Customer Experience

How to Transform your CX with Customer Journey Analytics

by Debashis Rana - No matter the scope, scale, or size of your organization, one ingredient is...

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Doctor standing while holding a laptop with a data concept overlay

4 Strategies to Transform the Customer Experience in Healthcare

by Dr. Rob Nelson - Whether you are a clinician who has taken the Hippocratic Oath or a...

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A man using a mobile banking app on their smartphone with a finance and banking graphic overlay
Financial Services

Data Excellence for the Bank of the Future in a Competitive Environment

by Joe Mendel – The financial services market is highly competitive and is encapsulated into a...

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Man touching a screen with a circular technology abstract
Agile DevOps

Agile Project Management 101: Immediacy versus Urgency

by Dov Rosenberg – I recently did an assessment of a Global 100 company’s software development...

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Two coworkers conducting quality testing at their computers
Quality Engineering

Why Software Quality Assurance Should be a Shared Responsibility

by Lynda Mendiola – “Software quality isn’t my job. It’s their job.” The “their” in that statement,...

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A hand holding a smartphone that has updates on transit times and ratings for hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants
Quality Engineering

How AI and RPA are Changing the Insurance Industry

by Joel Pascua – The digital tester The challenge of providing high-quality code is as old as...

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Programming code abstract
Digital Strategy

Aspiring to a Zero Back Office for Your Insurance Operations

by Eunice Abarilles and Charles Sybert – Most people will start their day with a simple question,...

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