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Perspectives on key trends and enablers for success now

Modern approaches to innovating and thriving in your market today - from powering your organization with Data & AI to ensuring stellar customer experiences

A business man in the foreground holding a smartphone with a city skyline behind him

Optimize Your C-store Operations with Customer Location Intelligence

by Dr. Rob Nelson - A cornerstone of American retail, about 3% of the total purchases a consumer...

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AI and customer data abstract on a dark blue background
Financial Services

How to Leverage Intelligent Customer Experiences in Financial Services

by Joe Mendel – “Happiness is stopping to smell the cookies” – said everybody ever Experiences are...

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Binary code spaning across a highway towards a city
Customer Experience

6 Ways to Drive Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert – Being more customer focused requires digital interaction...

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microscopic view of a DNA strand
Digital Strategy

Winning at Patient and Customer Experience with Customer xDNA

by Dr. Rob Nelson – Hospitals, Health Systems, and healthcare organizations of all types have been...

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A view of the world from space with interconnected lines spanning across the globe
Financial Services

ESG 101 for Financial Services: Environmental, Social and Governance

by Joe Mendel – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a focus will gain greater strides as...

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Silhouettes of people interacting with a digital concept overlay
Digital Strategy

A Quick Guide to Implementing a Customer Experience Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert – Consumers are constantly connected using app-native technology...

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Businessman holding a tablet at arm's length surrounded by a digital assets concept
Financial Services

Utilizing Blockchain for Financial Services Organizations

by Joe Mendel - New ecosystems based on immutable trust created by blockchain will revolutionize...

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A robotic hand on one side of a mirror and a human hand on the other side touching a screen at the same point.
Advanced Technologies

Test Automation: Here's Why its the Future of Quality

by Dov Rosenberg – Our future is filled with almost unimaginable forms of new and improved forms of...

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A person holding a smartphone in their hand and a tablet in their lap with geometric shapes floating above the tablet
Agile DevOps

A Simple Guide to Agile Project Management for Your Insurance Business

by Jackie Sembrano – As Insurance companies embark on large programs such as Digital Transformation...

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