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Get to Market Faster with Quality Engineering + Automation

Implementing process and testing solutions for a more reliable product development and release lifecycle.


Build a resilient business through innovative quality strategy and testing.

Quality engineering (QE) is critical to ensuring your digital products are delivering the secure, reliable, and intuitive experience your customers expect and deserve.

RCG's QE practice is anchored in our Just Enough Quality philosophy of understanding and balancing the levers of quality, speed, and cost to focus on value generation. We improve confidence in your releases and the reliability of your products while enhancing collaboration and saving you time and money. 

Design quality strategy roadmaps.

We craft tailored, multi-year, measurable quality engineering strategies to help organizations balance cost, speed, and quality to add value to your business. 


Improve your data quality.

We enable timely and comprehensive test data needed to ensure applications can reliably process complex and high-load functions. These elements include data integrity testing, API and MSA testing, and test data management and automation.



Optimize your digital experience quality.

We ensure all touchpoints provide a responsive, intuitive, engaging, and inclusive experience to your customers. RCG ensures this through performance engineering, accessibility testing, A/B testing, and user experience testing.



Roll out your DevSecTestOps framework.

We combine industry best practices and proven approaches to deliver quality, secure applications. These services include quantitative risk management, continuous testing, continuous validation, and site reliability engineering.


Accelerate your outcomes with hyper-automation.

We help your organizations harness machine learning and RPA technologies to create automation chains beyond standard test automation. This allows your organization to leverage low-code and no-code automation, AI/ML automated cognition, and RPA automation chaining.



Best in class outcomes


Scalable Business Resiliency

A strategy that effectively scales quality outcomes across your business

Superior Customer Experience + Satisfaction

Speed and agility required to meet expanding customer expectations of flawless and timely interactions

Faster Speed-to-Market

Complex testing in smaller and smaller time frames, resulting in faster application releases

Quicker Adaptation

Fast revisions, additions, and changes if competitors push out a new product or feature

Collaborative + Synergistic Teams

Fast revisions, additions, and changes if competitors push out a new product or feature

Iterative + Incremental Delivery

Ability to revert small changes without the fear of catastrophic issues or downtime, allowing you to test small and incremental changes and safely test releases with known, live bugs