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Winning Customers & Increasing Deposits With Digital Account Opening

, , | November 13, 2023 | By

Digital Account Opening is the key to accelerating customer acquisition and increasing deposits. RCG shares how to get the most out of Temenos Journey Manager by leveraging UX/UI best practices, using a modern architecture, and having a well-constructed project plan.

RCG SVP of Financial Services, Kaj Gronholm was joined by team members Scott Holdeman – VP of Design & Strategy, and Scott Dunbar – Director of Engineering to discuss best practices that they’ve learned from being the #1 Digital Account Opening implementation partner globally. Kaj also talks with Michael Fuchs from Wolters Kluwer to learn from their experience with Temenos Journey Manager.


Kaj Gronholm, SVP of Financial Services
Scott Holdeman, VP of Design & Strategy
Scott Dunbar, Director of Engineering
Michael Fuchs, Director of Consumer & Commercial Lending at Wolters Kluwer