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Looking Ahead – 2022 Insurance Trends

by Charles Sybert –  During the holiday season, I find it important to take a step ...

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Environmental, Social, and Governance for Financial Services

by Joe Mendel –  Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a focus will gain greater strides ...

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Emerging Blockchain, Digital Assets, and DeFi

by Joe Mendel –  New ecosystems based on immutable trust created by blockchain will revolutionize and ...

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Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G in Financial Services

by Joe Mendel –  Hyper-personalized financial services and transactions in real-time powered by data generated by ...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Bank of the Future

by Joe Mendel –  The Bank of the Future will be a cloud-native, digital native entity ...

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Transformational Evolution “To 2022 and Beyond”…. (sorry, Buzz Lightyear)

by Joe Mendel –  As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, we can’t help ...

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Data Governance, Data Quality – Space, a Race and the Base

by Joe Mendel –  Captains Log, Stardate: 10.21.2021 Captain Kirk of the Starship “Enterprise” will be ...

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Develop a Data-Driven User Experience (UX)

by Clare Villalva – Thinking back 25 years to 1996, the idea of ordering a household ...

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Using Customer Data to drive personalization, patient-member experience and better outcomes in Healthcare

by Dr. Rob Nelson – If you are in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and ...

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