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“Insuring” your workforce is not lost in your Digital Transformation

by David Pyle –  Insurance Industry hacks to take Digital Transformation to the next level Data, ...

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Technology can kill your business

by Dov Rosenberg –  You have been on a quest to measure and improve the productivity ...

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How technologists can help providers and health systems in the era of COVID-19

by Scott Chesney –  The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, will change forever ...

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Putting AI at the core of Financial Services

by Debashis Rana –  Financial Services firms have pioneered the use of technology and data since ...

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Want a Reproducible Data Science Framework? Try Git LFS!

by Eric Brown –  The Git version control system is useful for reproducible data science frameworks ...

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Healthcare AI – Implementing for Value

by Jim Dwyer –  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare holds vast potential to improve the highly ...

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Harnessing AI to Achieve Value-Driven Business Outcomes

by Charles Sybert –  When you mention AI, many people jump to IBM’s Watson or a ...

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Insurance Quality Assurance Trends 2020

by Darwin Castro –  “Build what again.”  This is most likely the reaction you would get ...

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Winning Patient Engagement Requires Quality and Speed

by Jim Dwyer –  Successful customer engagement requires implementing quality features that the patient can leverage ...

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