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Migrating Legacy Systems to the Cloud

by Charles Sybert –  Customer perception of an insurance company is largely defined by everyday interactions ...

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Transforming Your Core Business Systems without Killing your Business

by Dov Rosenberg –  One of the biggest challenges with digital transformation projects is figuring out ...

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The Intimacy of Intelligent Customer Experience

  “Happiness is stopping to smell the cookies” – said everybody ever by Joe Mendel –  ...

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Drive Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert –  Being more customer focused requires digital interaction innovation driving ...

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Implement a Successful Customer Experience Transformation

by Candice Abante & Charles Sybert –  Consumers are constantly connected using app-native technology and expect ...

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Leap Frog from Mainframe to the Cloud

by Charles Sybert –  More than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies continue to run business ...

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Think Like a Start Up to Deliver Outstanding Digital Experiences

by Rick Skriletz –  Digital is reshaping markets, industries, and customer behaviors. Meet this challenge by ...

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How Data-Driven is Your Business?

by Rick Skriletz –  Businesses are inundated with data but have less success turning it into ...

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Looking Ahead – 2022 Insurance Trends

by Charles Sybert –  During the holiday season, I find it important to take a step ...

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