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Ingest It and They Will Come … Or Not

A retrospective on a prevalent practice in building data lakes by Debashis Rana As data lakes ...

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Beyond the Hype: 9 Secrets to Get Your AI Game On!

Mobile excellence requires a mobile strategy that puts your healthcare organization on par with other industries ...

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Why a Custom Built AI Bot should be your Company’s Next Employee

by Arunlal Soman  Nothing is more important to the welfare of any company than the quality of ...

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Supercharge Your Customer Engagement Initiatives with AI – Right Now

by Dr. Rob Nelson, Intelligent InnovationTM AI | Advanced Analytics | Cognitive Solutions Practice Lead Are ...

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The Action-Driven Process of Improving Customer Engagement Through Digital Transformation

by Dov Rosenberg, VP Consulting & Delivery Services Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important ...

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Are You Competing to Win with Superior Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is a digital, virtual or in-person experience that leads to an emotional connection between ...

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The Data-Knowledge-Insight-Action Digital Value Chain

by Debashis Rana Knowledge is power. That’s a commonly accepted truism that has been around for ...

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The FAST Digital Path to Value Creation

by Thomas Clarke 1995, 2007, and 2009 were milestone years in the evolution of digital transformation. ...

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Key Success Criteria for Managed Services: A Data Lake Environment Example

by Joe LoLordo Managed Services covers a broad spectrum of IT services and support that can ...

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