Digital Services

Customer-centric organizations are digitally transforming to meet the competitive and disruptive growth challenges in key areas: customer engagement, workforce enablement, and operations optimization.

We have the pieces to the puzzle.

Digital Transformation is all about increasing efficiency, generating faster and greater impacts, as well as defending against the next market disruptor. Companies are fatigued with mega IT projects, with overrun budgets, and under run impacts. How do you get the outcomes you need to compete in this evolving digital marketplace?

Digital Strategy

At the start of a digital transformation, the implementation strategy and roadmap focuses the team and keeps them on course. This allows for the implementation of essential elements to drive value today and the ability to integrate more advanced elements such as AI and Machine Learning at the appropriate time. With RCG you will be able to build a strategy that allows rapid and continuous innovation with a focus on fast value realization.

Digital Engineering

Innovation at digital speed requires agility and focus as well as modern architectures and technologies to be successful. A significant impediment that many projects have is the competing priorities for digital transformation. We need modern data and mobile architectures to support the way in which we access and transact data. Speed is important, not only as you put your infrastructure in place; it is also critical to enable fast changes enabling you to constantly improve and adapt. RCG provides full-stack, full-lifecycle capabilities to successfully deliver modern digital solutions.

Digital Sustainment

Preserve and enhance existing technology investments by automating and streamlining processes, and adding functionality not available through off-the-shelf application packages. RCG provides Digital Sustainment capabilities to develop, maintain, support, integrate, deploy, and monitor application systems using a cost effective, dual-shore approach.

Agile & DevOps

Agile and DevOps allow more new functionality to be released in shorter periods of time to meet expectations that are higher than ever before. Digital Transformation is about simplifying the interaction with our end users (customers, workforce, partners, and systems) while continually evolving and improving that interaction.

Intelligent Innovation

Realize better value and outcomes with a smarter approach to AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, RPA, and cognitive solutions. RCG helps you to re-imagine and create thriving business on your terms through brilliant AI solutions for a brighter future. Move the needle and realize results that matter.