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Timesheet Tracking System Implementation

This growing asset management business which supports the power generation industry needed to better track their expanding employee base.  


RCG helped to re-engineer the business process and build an architectural solution to simplify and automate time and skill tracking.

The Challenge

Define and implement business rules and the supporting framework to track and manage personnel data

Strategy and Goals

The new application defines and manages master and reference data including Client, Location, Project, Employee, Equipment, Skills, Certifications, Shifts, and Office Classifications.

RCG’s approach to this engagement followed our standard methodology and consisted of the following key steps:

  1. Facilitating requirements gather sessions and documenting the requirements
  2. Creating Test Plans describing the key  application functions
  3. Developing and Testing the SharePoint code
  4. Supporting the User Acceptance Testing effort
  5. Participating in the deployment of the new Time Tracking Application

The project utilized a Microsoft tool with a framework based upon SharePoint.

The Final Results

RCG developed a time tracking application with the following key functionality:

  • A daily capture of employee timesheets
  • Timesheet versioning and audit tracking
  • Employee skills and certifications entry and reporting
  • System alerts for missing certifications and pending renewals
  • Administrative reporting

The Conclusion

RCG re-engineered the business process and built an architectural solution to simplify and automate time and skill tracking. The solution allows for better tracking of the expanding employee base. 

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