Quality Engineering: Scalable Business Resilience Through QE

Our Modern Approach to Quality Engineering

Quality engineering (QE) is critical to ensuring your digital products are delivering stellar customer experiences. When done well, QE improves team collaboration and planning, saves time and money, and results in higher quality products that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.


At RCG, we build adaptive Quality Engineering systems fit to embrace and enable ever-changing industry demands for accelerated business growth. Through next generation testing capabilities and scalable quality strategies, we enable truly resilient businesses that can scale without reducing quality.  

Quality Engineering: Further, Wider, Deeper

Expanding the Function of QE

QE is no longer a “nice-to-have” component of digital transformation. It is essential in ensuring your audience will continue to choose your brand.


QE is the process of building product and process quality assurance systems. QE in a traditional, waterfall development model originally functioned as a “last step” before product deployment and was typically siloed to a single department. While this approach was once effective, it is no longer sufficient to support evolving regulations and end-user demands. 


In recent years we’ve seen:

  • Disruption of well-established industry verticals 
  • Rapid delivery and acceleration of time to market for new products and features
  • Increasing regulatory, compliance and privacy requirements
  • Demand for more responsive, intuitive, inclusive and engaging digital experiences


The pace of product deployment has changed significantly in a modern, agile environment which requires a nimbler, more integrated approach. To remain relevant, QE for enterprises and digital native companies must function cross-departmentally and through every stage of the product life cycle. 


RCG Global Services’ Modern Quality Engineering is about expanding the traditional role of Quality Engineering to go further, wider, and deeper. 


Further— DevSecTestOps 

We enable a full circle approach to quality, a process that starts from product ideation, through product development, and continues even as products are live, actively testing end-user interactions. The key to this is gleaning insights from real user behaviors to calibrate testing strategies in development, with DevSecTestOps and site reliability engineering principles.  


Wider—Driving Digital Experience Quality

We drive quality experiences through web, mobile, IoT or other devices. Quality doesn’t end at verifying functionality, but extends to include customer experience and end-user delight. At RCG, we ensure responsive, reliable, intuitive, engaging, and inclusive experiences, which are tied to performance, A/B, usability and accessibility testing


Deeper—Verification that Goes Beyond the Surface

Our testing goes beyond the surface. While UI is just one component of verification, we also test at other layers of the technology stack, namely APIs or services, and data. We also look at data quality in terms of data integrity and test data management.


Making It Possible With HyperAutomation

The right accelerators and automation capabilities are required to sustain and scale this 3D approach to QE. While test automation has been around for decades, advancements and capabilities brought by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies scale the benefits exponentially by enabling automation chains and unblocking dependencies in what is known as  HyperAutomation

Just Enough Quality: Balancing Quality, Speed, and Value

Creating a Cost-Efficient Quality Engineering Strategy

As technology is evolving rapidly, there is an increased risk of other entities disrupting existing and established organizations—a risk that is driving the speed at  which we need to deliver with quality. For organizations on the side of disruption, the same risk holds true—as your products expand to new offerings and to service new clients, quality and resilience needs to be built in. And since testing becomes more complex with each iteration of your product, the complexity of testing grows exponentially.


RCG’s modern quality engineering approach seeks to find the perfect balance between quality, speed, and value. Ineffective testing isn’t worth your investment. And while some features can wait, others can’t. Our team of experts can help you determine what’s important based on the magnitude of risk. 


Delivering Quality, Fast

Creating Sustainable and Scalable Solutions for Repeatability

We have built a quality engineering approach that is both effective and fast—balancing quality, speed, and value. 

We begin by working with you to build a strategic roadmap that maximizes benefit—defining measures of success in terms of velocity (effort or cost savings) and volume (test coverage increase). Then, we create sustainable and scalable solutions built for repeatability. Our goal is not to solve your challenge a single time, but to solve your organization’s ongoing testing needs. 


Our Services:


Quality Assessment and Strategy

We craft a strategic plan to balance cost, speed and quality and quality activities to add value to your business.

  • Strategy Development
    • Develop a tailored, multi-year QE strategy with cost of quality optimization, process, metrics and testing activities based on current state and business objectives



We build a combined shift-left and shift-right approach that encompasses quality in dev and quality in live apps

  • Quantitative Risk Management
    • Rapid metrics-based assessment, triaging, mitigation and resolution of organizational and delivery risks 
  • Continuous Testing
    • End-to-End Test Automation embedded in CI/CD Pipelines
  • Continuous Validation
    • Enhanced quality monitoring in live environments
  • Site Reliability Engineering
    • Prevention and Resolution of issues and incidents in production


Digital Experience Quality

We ensure all touchpoints provide a responsive, intuitive, engaging and inclusive experience to your customers.

  • Performance Engineering
    • Evaluation of environment and application handling of current and forecast loads via simulated users
  • Accessibility Testing
    • Verification of compliance to accessibility standards and ensuring an inclusive experience to persons with disabilities
  • A/B Testing
    • Comparative analysis of user behavior patterns in variations of UI element presentation
  • User Experience Testing
    • Assessment of usability, learnability and engagement levels in defined cross-sections of the user based 


Data Quality

We enable timely and comprehensive test data and ensure reliability in data rich, data-complex environments.

  • Data Integrity Testing
    • Testing against data ingestion, processing and presentation across different sources and targets
  • API and MSA Testing
    • Manual and Automated testing and assertions against API traffic and payload
  • Test Data Management and Automation
    • Automated provisioning, generation, masking and handling of data in lower environments for testing and development purposes



We help you harness ML and RPA technologies to create automation chains beyond standard test automation.

  • Low-Code and No-Code Automation
    • Highly scalable and intuitive automation solutions that expand the automation approach to non-technical users
  • AI/ML Automated Cognition
    • Automation beyond the test, including the automation of test dependencies, decisions and maintenance of automated assets 
  • RPA Automation Chaining
    • Linking discrete automation activities to enable end-to-end flows and processes
Quality Engineering How To’s

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Creating Better Business, Now

Benefits of Our Modern QE Approach


Scalable Business Resiliency

A strategy that effectively scales quality outcomes across your business 


Superior Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Speed and agility required to meet expanding customer expectations of flawless and timely interactions


Faster Speed-to-Market

Complex testing in smaller and smaller time frames, resulting in faster application releases


Quicker Adaptation

Fast revisions, additions, and changes if competitors push out a new product or feature


Iterative and Incremental Delivery

Ability to revert small changes without the fear of catastrophic issues or downtime, allowing you to test small and incremental changes and safely test releases with known, live bugs 


Collaborative and Synergistic Teams

A hybrid team, both at an enterprise and scrum level, serves as the ideal QE Practice for Agile and DevOps organizations by enabling efficient collaboration on business decisions


Quality Engineering for the Modern Enterprise 

Getting Started With RCG


Increase revenue and generate operational cost savings with our modern QE approach.  


We help organizations in five main capability areas:

  • Quality Assessment and Strategy
  • DevSecTestOps
  • Digital Experience Quality
  • Data Quality
  • HyperAutomation

Ready to learn more? Discuss your needs with a QE practice leader.

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