Quality Engineering

The competition for today’s customer mind-share and the need to comply with increasingly complex regulations require flawless systems

Getting it Right the First Time and Every Time

Good customer experience satisfies the expectation of prompt personalization done perfectly. So, it is no wonder that the top executive business objective for QA & Software Testing is “enhance end-user satisfaction” (according to the World Quality Report 2018-19

Additionally, increasing regulatory and compliance requirements mean that systems need to be as flawless as possible from the very beginning.  Agile and DevOps models require more frequent test cycles and the diversity of platforms (mobile, web, and cloud) require more test passes to provide adequate coverage. 


Next generation testing enables ubiquitous quality and supports the Agile and DevOps practices of leading businesses.

  • Unattended and Auto-Triggered: Whenever your release happens, it will automatically kickoff tests and email results
  • Always-On: Tests will always run automatically without fail – whether it’s a small release or a minor break-fix
  • Automation of Processes: No debates whether code should progress to the next environment, it can just happen automatically
  • Supplement Production Testing: Extend your quality coverage to production and support the monitoring required by true DevOps principles
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Quality Engineering How To’s

The Road to HyperAutomation

By leveraging a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the testing and decision-making process becomes increasingly automated. We breakdown the impacts of Modern Quality Engineering on HyperAutomation.

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Quality Engineering How To’s

The Modern Quality Engineering eBook

Expectations of Software Quality and Testing have changed across the industry to reflect the requirements of Rapid Application Delivery in line with Agile and DevOps approaches

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Quality Engineering How To’s

Modern Quality Engineering: The 8 AI and ML applications in QE

Lets explore AI/ML technology in the Quality Engineering space that is currently available, not hypothetical, and certainly in use within organizations that embrace Modern Quality Engineering.

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RCG’s approach to ubiquitous quality starts small and starts fast.  We plan where to start by working with you to determine where the most benefit can come from.  We define measures of success in terms of velocity (effort or cost savings) and volume (test coverage increase).

Our QA & Testing roadmaps address strategy, process, types of automation, and innovation (including the application of AI and machine learning).