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Deepu Zacharia Named to GTech Leadership

| August 27, 2020

Deepu Zacharia August 21, 2020 –

Influencing Innovation and Collaboration

ISELIN, NJ and KOCHI, India – Deepu Zacharia, President of RCG Global Services India Operations, has been named to the leadership team of the Group of Technology Companies (GTech) in Kerala, India. GTech has been in operation since 2001 and has been instrumental in initiating, steering and implementing programs for the benefits of the IT Industry in Kerala.

The goal of GTech is to “Partner to Innovate, Collaborate to Grow”. It is the Industry body of Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management (BPM) organizations in Kerala. GTech works closely with the Government of Kerala to promote the accelerated growth of the IT industry in the state. Established in 2001. GTech provides the platform for domain and technology companies from across the world for enterprise and strategic alliances with member organizations.

“As the founder and CEO of a Kerala company, I know first-hand the value that our people provide to companies worldwide,” says Deepu Zacharia.  “It’s my honor to represent our local teams on a global stage and consistently demonstrate the talent and abilities which we cultivate in Kerala.”

GTech over the years has built a strong membership of more than 200 IT companies comprises Innovative Start-ups, Small & Medium size companies, large Home Grown companies and International Majors.

“We’re excited about Deepu’s role in influencing the growth of IT in Kerala as part of the GTech executive committee, and we celebrate his position on the leadership team as JT Secretary,” said Rob Simplot, President and CEO of RCG Global Services.