Data Engineering

Companies today are transforming themselves into digital businesses at an accelerating rate. At the heart of the digital transformation is real-time data and analytics

Create significant opportunities

Acquiring data, making it ready, and using advanced analytics in real time is the key to a successful digital business. Moving from limited, time-delayed, on-prem business intelligence to on-prem or cloud-based real-time actions requires a new approach.

Moving from databases to modern data architectures creates significant opportunities for quick and effective data management, lower IT costs, accelerated data capture and integration, and data delivery and advanced analytics across all types of data in a single environment.

Data Lakes are built for advanced analytics

RCG helps clients realize value and develop expertise using modern data architectures in their business. RCG’s philosophy is that the purpose of Data & Analytics is:

  • Analytics should be used for Value Realization (analytic results that measurably increase revenues or decrease expenses including real-time analytics using advanced analytics like statistical analysis, relationship/graph analysis, machine learning, and AI)
  • Creating accurate analytics requires Modern Data Architectures (developing data ready to be used without any additional preparation or manipulation supporting many different data types, analytic use cases, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more with Data Lake curation for managing data in a Data Lake)
  • Developing trustworthy data requires Data & Analytics Management (the management process that ensures business data and analytics are ready for advanced and automated real-time actions with effective governance and data management)


Ideas. Realized.


To achieve a modern data architecture that is a suitable foundation for advanced analytics with AI & machine learning, start with an Advanced Analytics Strategy.  An Advanced Analytics Strategy provides the Roadmap to realizing business value from data and analytic areas of opportunity and identifying additional opportunities to make use of advanced and automated analytics operating on Data Lakes.

RCG also works with organizations to develop Proofs of Concept (PoCs), Pilot Projects, and Data Lake Stand-Ups. These services demonstrate and accelerate the use of Modern Data and show the value that can be realized from them.