Customer Digital Experience – it’s all about the X

Customer Experience Drives Value

Digitization has enabled dramatic changes in business models and put the power in the palm of the consumer.  Consumers want access to spend their money anywhere at any time.  They expect their experience to be tailored to “ME”.  You need to know who I am and what I need regardless of how I interact with you.  I want to feel IMPORTANT to you.


Today’s consumers view their commerce transactions through their phones. Whether it’s buying groceries, paying back friends or even trading stocks, the phone has become the default tool for modern finances.

RCG helps our clients meet their customers at this first point entry. We’ve developed mobile apps and performed advanced analytics to provide better customer experience with booking vacations, using points, buying points, and shifting consumers away from call center agents and more to self-service.



RCG helps our clients create a more personal and valuable experience for their customers.  Whether designing engaging front ends, developing interoperable web and mobile applications, creating analytics infrastructures to better understand and anticipate needs, or modernizing infrastructure to free up capital and personnel.