Workforce Enablement

Digital approaches can better connect your employees and partners, making us all more productive and effective

Equipping and Enabling Your Workforce to Thrive

To remain competitive and win, business operations and teams must continue to perform at new levels. Some businesses are leading the way with unparalleled innovation. They are tapping their imaginations along with their experience as inspired entrepreneurs, innovators, and managers to generate bold unconventional responses.

Forrester defines three modes that describe organizations today – survival, adaptive, and growth. (Forrester, 2020)  They suggest key concerns for organizations in survival mode are cash and liquidity; for those in adaptive mode, key concerns are flexibility and cost containment; and for those in growth mode, key concerns are speed and scalability.

Whatever the timeline and how the ultimate reality unfolds, innovation and effective execution are key to business survival, adaptation, and growth.  Resilient organizations are resetting expectations and strategies, adjusting their business models, empowering the “new normal” workforce, and prioritizing digital acceleration.

Growth is the Strategic Imperative

It is critical that companies look within as well as ahead and move to growth strategy. In a May 15, 2020 article, McKinsey & Company describe “three mutually reinforcing areas that … are management imperatives in “normal” times. Right now, they are test beds for intense experimentation and soul searching, as they get to the core questions that organizations must always seek to answer for themselves: Who are we? How do we operate? How will we grow?” (McKinsey & Company, 2020)

94% of CEOs stay growth is their #1 strategic imperative.

Yet there are Forces that Impede Growth

Some are easier to identify and address than others:

  • New forms of competition including digital native companies that exist primarily or totally online
  • Digitally native consumers who have grown up using computers and the internet
  • Cross industry convergence where industry boundaries are moving to value experiences across industries
  • Disruptive technologies that displace traditional technologies with ground-breaking solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 3D printing
  • Transformative mega-trends that redefine the trajectory of global forces and impact economies, societies, cultures, personal lives, and businesses
  • Value chain compression through automation as well as supplier and parts consolidation
  • Geopolitical chaos including changing alliances, fluctuating positions of economic leaders, and challenges to global economies and health.

Growth is Increasingly Difficult

Companies create value for their shareholders via profitable growth. Yet, growth is increasingly difficult – especially for traditional and legacy organizations – and there are several forces that impede it.

RCG’s Approach to Workforce Enablement

RCG is helping companies to define what digital transformation means to them, to leverage their digital workforce (including robotic process automation), and to accelerate their digital journey with new approaches to business and technology:

Business automation

This brings greater human capacity to an organization to effectively manage and quickly respond to global challenges. For example, RCG worked with a transportation company to provide a data engineering solution that facilitates timely and accurate reporting related to sales analytics and transportation metrics so that the company could quickly secure state and federal aid directly related to COVID-19 impact on the travel industry.

Imagining and exploring how to reinvent business operations

Support business anywhere with business practice innovation, applied intelligence, data, technology, and process expertise supports resilient growth. For example, RCG is working with a major Asset Manager to fast-track their journey to cloud by architecting, designing, and implementing production Microsoft Azure environments in-support of Office 365 and Teams. This provides secure, collaborative solutions for the digital workforce and a platform for end-client interactions.

Creating, adapting, and accelerating digital transformation strategies

This requires both critical thinking and effort now. For example, RCG is building mobile apps for financial and healthcare organizations to make handling common/daily tasks easier than ever before by providing app lifecycle integration (ALI). This involves grouping the apps’ functionality into two categories – High Trust and Low Trust – allowing the end user to have seamless experiences in their daily tasks. See our video on Application Lifecycle Integration for more info.

Technology, infrastructure, and data management

These are critical success factors in enabling information and insight ecosystems. For example, RCG has partnered with a hospital system serving over 5M patients per year, with over 30,000 clinicians and staff to create and update interactive apps which optimize employee and patient experiences with improved communication, education, and self-service functions

RCG has focused expertise in helping companies enable their workforce and achieve their digital transformation and digital acceleration goals. We’ve accumulated a great deal of experience in collaborating and achieving successful transformations. In “Thriving in 2021: Envisioning Hyper Business“, RCG distilled knowledge we’ve gained through our real-world experience with client companies all around the globe into seven tips that you can use to streamline and accelerate your journey to successful digital transformation.