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Collaboration Fuelling Efficiency | The Mitsui-Insurity Success Story

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What it takes to stay ahead in the competitive insurance landscape 

In today's constantly evolving insurance market, agility and efficiency are crucial for success. For leading global P&C insurance provider MSIG North America (Mitsui), this meant finding a way to streamline operations to support their business needs across 11 lines of business and 50 states.
As Mitsui's business operations and requirements grew increasingly complex, there was a clear need for a strategic shift in their existing shared service support model with long-time insurance software partner Insurity, especially in meeting tight release schedules. 

Recognizing this need, Insurity recommended the expertise of RCG Global Services, a trusted partner of over 15 years, to help navigate these complexities and ensure Mitsui was fully optimizing their Policy Decisions platform’s capabilities. 

Four steps to success

From the start, RCG assembled a dedicated Premium Support Team (PST) that acted as a liaison between Mitsui and Insurity, focusing solely on Mitsui’s requests and prioritizing work according to their needs.  

This PST model unlocked a new level of efficiency and flexibility for Mitsui, streamlining workflows and resolving roadblocks early in the development process through a four-step approach:   

  1. Three teams working as one: Combining Insurity SI wrap-around support with RCG's deep domain expertise enabled Mitsui to deliver results efficiently and with quality.

  2. Right work at the right time: In working closely with Mitsui and understanding their business goals, the RCG team could efficiently prioritize and deliver work for maximum business impact, whether it involved regulatory updates, defect fixes, or high-value customizations.

  3. Emphasis on quality: RCG worked with Mitsui to identify a unique, customer-specific targeted testing approach that greatly reduced defects, allowing them to meet the service expectations of business users.

  4. Open communication: Regular stand-ups, status reports, and clear delivery timelines kept Mitsui informed and confident their requests were addressed promptly. 

Empowerment through collaboration

The RCG Premium Support Team consisted of specialists with deep domain expertise in both Insurity’s operational procedures and technology as well as Mitsui’s lines of business.  

To ensure Mitsui received the right skill set for every request, specialists across various functionalities were selected after analyzing Mitsui's book of business and Policy Decisions workload history.    

Key outcomes facilitated by RCG

  • Consistent communication and focused delivery
  • Increased log throughput for faster resolution
  • Dedicated QA team for testing Mitsui-specific impacts to reduce release defects
  • Strengthened partnership between Mitsui and Insurity

With this new synergy, RCG was able to significantly improve the relationship between Mitsui and Insurity. Measurable outcomes included a 100% on-time release delivery, 57% backlog reduction, and a 53% increase in overall log throughput.  

Beyond these figures, Mitsui was empowered to confidently manage their aggressive release schedule, ensuring predictability in their releases. More importantly, these improvements allowed Mitsui to fully leverage Insurity's platform to make strategic customizations to their solution offerings and increase speed to market. 

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At Insurity, we’re committed to empowering our clients to achieve their full potential. Partnering with RCG on the Mitsui engagement allowed us to do just that. Their deep understanding of our Policy Decisions platform, combined with their collaborative approach to building a dedicated support team for Mitsui was instrumental—and the results speak for themselves. 
We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration with RCG to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

— John Baillargeon, Vice President, Professional Services, Insurity

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