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Location Intelligence Improves Customer Experience

| February 21, 2019

Jan-Mar 2019 – 

A roundtable discussion about location intelligence with advice for Financial Institutions

In this quarter’s Risk and Compliance Magazine (Jan-Mar 2019), RCG Global Services had the opportunity in a round table with partners at Pitney Bowes. RCG’s Mike Fischer and the team at Pitney Bowes discuss what you need to know to improve customer experience. Read the discussion

Location-based Technology

The current demand among financial institutions (FIs) for location-based technology is undergoing rapid changes in terms of how they engage and interact with their customers and what their customer’s wants, needs, and likes are. Companies now have capabilities to custom tailor products and services by leveraging modern data and analytics technology. There are many factors that are causing FIs to consider location intelligence applications, and there are a plethora of technology choices, platforms, and providers in the marketplace which also can cause some challenges that FIs may face when implementing LI technology.

Outcome Focused

Focusing on business outcomes is the key to success. RCG Global Services helps FIs achieve competitive digital transformation by understanding that it requires more than standardized data; it requires analytic tools to better understand customer context and relationships. Read the discussion