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Johnson Controls Talks about Their Big Data Journey

| October 26, 2016

November 9, 2017 – Webinar

How Johnson Controls Moved from Proof of Concept to a Global Big Data Solution

See the replay of the November 9th webinar Johnson Controls delivers best-in-class building technologies and energy storage. In their quest to continually improve operations, they implemented a modern data architecture based on Hadoop. They started with a small successful proof of concept and recognized the need to make more of their data accessible to more teams. Johnson Controls was able to successfully integrate Big Data technology into more of their operations that ultimately supports their goals to create better products, reduce waste, and increase profitability. Join this webinar where our guest speaker from Johnson Controls shares their big data journey from a small Hadoop POC to a global production-ready implementation that includes security and governance. You will hear:

  • What steps Johnson Controls took throughout the process
  • What framework and technologies they used
  • How they engaged executives for full corporate buy-in
  • Issues they encountered and solved
  • How Johnson Controls was able to provide a secure reliable platform to consolidate global data
  • Their next steps to complete the global integration


  • Tim Derrico, Manager of Architecture and Strategy – Big Data, Johnson Controls
  • Thomas Clarke, Managing Principal, RCG Global Services
  • Eric Thorsen, VP Industry Solutions, Hortonworks

Co-hosted by Hortonworks and RCG Global Services See the replay of the November 9th webinar