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Cloud strategies and solutions to elevate your business 

As digital demands continue to accelerate, the ability to deploy, scale and adapt systems quickly and effectively is paramount to an organization’s success. 

We bring the experience, expertise, and careful planning required to help organizations leverage the wide range of benefits of cloud technology in today’s increasingly digital world. 

The Digital Demands of Today

Why Businesses are Embracing Mainframe and Application Modernization 

As customers and employees continue to demand enhanced virtual experiences, businesses need a flexible digital foundation that can support fast and frequent changes. Cloud solutions offer access to technology capabilities and protections that are difficult and expensive to maintain through on-premise systems. For most companies, the decision to embrace mainframe and application modernization is simple to make, but complicated to implement.

We work with companies to evaluate their business goals and vision against their current technology stack in order to build a solution that works within cloud technology best practices. This allows our clients to fully benefit from cloud-enabled innovation, cost savings, scalability, IT transformation, and ease of management. 

Great Cloud Engineering Starts Here

How RCG Can Help You Seamlessly Transition to the Cloud

We provide custom tailored holistic technology-agnostic solutions to meet your business challenges using the three leading cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.


We work with you to determine your best approach to mainframe modernization.  We start by creating a “Cloud Strategy Framework,” a strategic roadmap that incorporates your unique requirements and existing processes, including key business drivers and IT maturity.


Using a vendor-agnostic approach and modern cloud enterprise architecture, we help you prioritize the best workloads to migrate from on-premise or mainframe to the cloud. Following a multi cloud strategy, we help you minimize vendor lock-in, leveraging container orchestration tools like Kubernetes.


Our proprietary tools and technology partners allow you to quickly move data to the cloud and to manage, analyze, and process that data in the cloud, across multiple clouds, and in a cloud/on-premise hybrid.


We help you use an agile continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) process to develop and host mobile, web and IOT apps in the cloud and to process data streams in real time. Through approaches such as DevSecOps, we help you design a platform that integrates security at every stage of the IT lifecycle.


We work with you to determine the right level of support, operations, and maintenance for each case, leveraging experienced but low-cost technologists to deliver reliable and economical managed services. Using a structured approach to IT service management, the ITSM support model, we help ensure service delivery is efficient and effective.


Our experience with the latest in serverless lambda and microservices architectures along with machine-learning and deep-learning help you realize the future of the cloud today.

Ready to get started with a definitive cloud strategy and roadmap? Reach out today.

Embracing Cloud Architecture – Part Two

Embracing Cloud Architecture: Switching to Serverless Cloud Architecture

In this second part of our series, we dive into serverless computing, how it can benefit specific industry segments, and RCG’s experience and expertise in implementing serverless cloud architecture for businesses at scale.

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Embracing Cloud Architecture – Part One

Embracing Cloud Architecture: Moving to MACH Enterprise Architecture

In the first part of our series, we discuss how you complete a migration to the cloud that supports your expanding digital needs and how it starts with understanding cloud architecture.

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Cloud Operations Transformation

Demystifying Cloud Operations

A well-oiled, transparent approach to managing cloud operations is critical for businesses wanting to gain the most out of their cloud journey.

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The Tools of Tomorrow

An Inside Look at Our Advanced Cloud Solutions


Assess and propose migration approach

  • Formalized assessment on maturity, asset discovery, options, opportunities, and business case or cloud migration
  • Accelerators for device discovery and application assessments help align to a strategic migration approach


Migrate selectively to the cloud

  • Ability to architect services in the cloud and move some workloads to the cloud while some on-premise applications and services still exist
  • Selectively identify applications that scale and run more efficiently in the cloud
  • Improve performance and cost savings


Migrate completely to the cloud

  • Remediate code and refactor/replace some components to enable a full lift of application code, services, and database to cloud service providers
  • Enable a full decommission of on-premise environments with full cost savings
  • Improve operational costs and performance with ability to extend and modernize existing platform in the cloud


Migrate with a new UI/UX

  • Hybrid cloud approach to maintain core on-premise capabilities whilst providing new cloud enabled services layer and data platform capabilities to improve digital experience and access to key data assets
  • Ability to connect Cloud SaaS offerings and services to mainframe to help deliver new digital user experience

Your Cloud Enabled Future

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

With cloud technology, an organization is more efficient and better positioned to achieve their business growth goals.


The automated steps associated with cloud-based practices free developers’ time to focus on other key business priorities, such as innovation, security, code quality, or higher-level business goals. 

Speed to Market

In a cloud environment, organizations can make changes and adjustments quickly and securely, allowing them to shift focus to innovation, tighten development cycles, and send products to market quickly.

Customer Experience 

Cloud solutions make it easy for developers to create a consistent user experience across every single channel—a key factor in creating a cohesive customer experience. In addition, greater flexibility allows for fast response to changing customer needs.

Lower Costs

With pay-as-you-go packages, low-cost secure storage, and scalable pricing options, cloud computing is one of the most cost effective solutions for using and maintaining IT infrastructure. Through the process of cloud cost optimization, applications are strategically run so they provide business value at the lowest possible cost, eliminating CapEx and reducing OpEx.

Unlimited Scalability

The pluggable and replaceable nature of cloud computing, including headless APIs, allow for easy and continuous updates to match business needs. 

Your Success Story Engineered

Where to Get Started

Like other businesses we’ve partnered with, you too can harness the power of the cloud. 

Every successful journey starts with a vision. At RCG, we’ll lead you from strategy and roadmap development, all the way through execution and beyond.

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