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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Putting your data to work with cutting-edge solutions to solve real problems better and faster.

Artificial intelligence and technology concept

AI Data Management

Unlock new levels of business value with actionable insights.

Using innovative approaches and advanced data management methodsincluding AI, machine learning, and analyticsto deliver the efficiencies, precision, and business insights needed to enhance customer and employee digital experiences, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

Maximize your potential with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Data has become one of the most powerful resources for companies to boost revenue and reduce costs. Machine learning systems help them turn their data into actionable insights to make smarter decisions, predict future outcomes, transform their business, and scale operations.

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Ingest curated data and provide access control to the underlying data structures.

When organizations make trusted data a priority through information architecture, non-technical users can analyze vast amounts of raw data, a company-wide data catalog can be created across the enterprise, and data quality processing with data governance can be instituted.

Man using technology on a laptop to automate business tasks with AI

Optimize your performance with real-time analytics.

Leveraging 5G, conversational AI, and the explosion of big data powers real-time analytics and AI-driven models, workflows, and rule engines.

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Our Approach to Data-Driven Insights

We are driven to keep organizations ahead of the curve.

Explore our process below to learn how we develop data & AI solutions to keep up with growing demand in the market. 


Develop a Tailored Strategy

Clarify key business objectives and drivers that shape your operations and align your processes, technology, and infrastructure to meet those needs.

Focus on Change Management

Foster transparency around the meaning and impacts of change and provide training and support.

Enable Sustained Innovation

Reinforce the driving vision behind your efforts with consistent tone and messaging throughout your organization.

Refine & Adapt

Continue to assess current processes, technology, data, and resource capabilities for their alignment with your vision and expectations.

Secure & Protect Growth

Monitor how changes to your processes and technology are impacting the security of your enterprise systems and data.
Practice Leader

Debashis Rana, Data & AI Practice Lead

Debashis Rana joined RCG as Director for Business Intelligence & Data Delivery in 2004. Under his leadership, RCG has delivered dozens of data and analytics solutions to our clients.


Our Approach

We focus on delivering value on every engagement.

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Tailor-Made Strategies

Every organization's values, strengths, and digital journeys are unique. We know how to tailor strategies to align new innovations with key business objectives and drivers.

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Proactive Communication

Change can be exciting and mark an inflection point for your organization. Without the right planning and approach, it can also be stressful. RCG has the tools and experience to pair the right change management and communication plan with your project roadmap.

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Trusted Partnerships

RCG works to identify the true root of an inefficiency instead of just treating a symptom. That means we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to diagnose problems and identify opportunities.

The Innovations Influencing Today's Operations

Improving Customer Experience

Delivers real-time, personalized, and responsive customer services and support
Enhanced customer loyalty and reduced back-office costs
Automation and AI

Promotes, improves, and reduces speed-to-market and cost-to-serve
Automation of high-volume, repetitive, manual tasks via bots, AI, and a digitally enabled workforce

The ability to store, retrieve, update, and exchange large volumes of data efficiently
New products and services, reduced costs, and additional privacy and security mechanisms

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