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Machine Learning Development Journey

by Hassan Faouaz –  Machine Learning Development Life Cycle (MLDLC) Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning ...

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The Value in Strategic Program Health Checks

by Chris Colston –  Several years ago I had a procedure where the dentist accidentally killed ...

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The Missing Ingredient to Success: Understanding the Culture of your Offshore Partner

by Matthew Wright –  Offshoring is a Strategic Imperative… Offshoring is not new.  In fact, in ...

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Stuck in a Project Management Rut? Try an Agile/ Fixed-Bid Approach

by Paolo Jaucian –  The general approach to project management is quite rigid in the world ...

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Hire an Enterprise Architect – Or Risk Living in a House of Cards

by Nicolaas Botes –  Planning an add-on or upgrade to your organization’s enterprise software capabilities? You’re ...

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4 Steps to Successful Cloud Migration

by Mark Sontz –  More and more organizations are moving to the cloud to enable innovation, ...

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Building better products with Design Thinking and Agile Development

by Biju Kalayil –  One day I left my car with multiple grocery bags in each ...

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How can Blockchain help with EHR and HL7? A Revolution in Healthcare Information Management

by Sai Yammada –  Healthcare organizations and their systems have a nagging problem. Patient information has ...

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How to decide whether to develop native or hybrid Mobile Apps and the rise of React Native

by Edith Bondoc –  For the past decade, we have observed the movement of device usage ...

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