RCG works with customer-centric industries to achieve their digital ambitions. 

Digital Ambition in Customer-Centric Organizations

 The why and how of customer-centric industries is changing. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to traditional business, the ability to inspect and transact massive quantities of data real-time, the ubiquitousness of technology throughout all business functions, and the increasing demand for higher business velocity and shorter time-to-market demand not only new ways of achieving outcomes but also new outcomes to be achieved.  


RCG Healthcare helps our clients move to a digital-first approach and unlock siloed data trapped in proprietary applications and combine it with new streams of information, leveraging new technologies for improved and less expensive patient care.

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Financial Services

We leverage our internal business process knowledge, industry expertise, technology capabilities, and strategic alliances to offer innovative solutions to clients in the Financial Services Industry.

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RCG’s Insurance practice accelerates the journey to embrace the gig economy and address the increasing requirement to meet the digital customer quickly on their terms – anywhere with any media.

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Our Consumer industry solutions focus on the changing market dynamics of retail, restaurants, travel & leisure, lodging, and media & entertainment companies where customer-centric differentiation is the key value discipline.

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