Digital Sustainment

In the next 10 years, firms will be challenged to find the right talent as boomers retire and the next generation does not have the numbers to fill vacancies

Keeping the lights on – and making them brighter

The hard reality is, legacy systems do need to be maintained as you bring new technology and processes online and newer talent will not have those skill sets.  At the same time, the idea of sustainment needs to be reimagined. Going forward platforms will be subject to constant innovation.  New innovations will be able to be plugged into the ecosystem quickly and connected to other elements of the ecosystem.

Having a nimble organization that can not only take care of legacy systems as you extend their lives but can also take on the challenge of adapting newer platforms will be imperative.  


RCG has proven our ability to consistently deliver high-quality services over a long period of time with service levels tied to expected outcomes.  Results are based on demand management priorities and provided by our dual-shore, multi-shift organization with 24×7 availability.

Includes corrective, preventive, and perfective solutions for suites of applications

  • Tailored options to address ongoing maintenance and enhancements of any application
  • Ability to subscribe to support option of your choosing: from discrete project support, to outsourced multi-year, service-level agreements (SLAs), to rebadging of client employees as RCG employees
  • Allows redeployment of current resources to concentrate on strategic business initiatives
  • Reduces cost and time to market using dual-shore delivery
Ideas. Realized.


RCG’s approach to Managed Services Sustainment of Systems, Data, or QA environments begins with a program initiation in which we agree upon our common objectives, success criteria, and measurements.  The service transition includes knowledge transfer and an operational readiness evaluation.