Digital Engineering

Handoffs between systems without human intervention open up a world of possibilities, but it is only enabled when systems are designed properly to exchange data in real time and to ensure that data is purified and organized properly.

Ubiquitous Data, Robust User Experiences, and Interdependent Processes delivered Continuously

Product Engineering

Customer-first and Mobile-first initiatives go hand-in-hand. Whether developing gaming apps to provide entertainment and sales opportunities for entertainment venues or building shift management apps for a scattered workforce, RCG has experience providing the UX design, architecture, and implementation for native or hybrid apps.

Data Engineering

The foundation for apps, analytics, AI and machine learning is data. But, that data needs to be relevant and be able to be leveraged for processes and analytics. Quickly ingesting all types of data from a variety of sources, visualize the data for actionable insights, and intelligently apply those insights to real-time data-driven decisions.

Cloud Engineering

Technology today, from a cost and capability perspective, has enabled storing and moving vast amounts of data. Embracing the cloud allows for more focus on business and less on managing infrastructure and helps to serve customers better and faster. RCG helps our clients on their journey to the cloud and in the cloud.

Quality Engineering

QA and Software Testing groups, in particular, have not been first in mind for where innovation would come from, and traditionally are just expected to adapt to change. However, the demand for winning customer experiences and the need to comply with increasingly complex global regulations requires innovative, ubiquitous quality. With RCG Global Services you will be able to rapidly deploy platforms today that can evolve with technology and you.