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Big Data and Master Data: Is there a connection?

By Sam Johnson –  The English language has a deceptive air of simplicity. Take the sentence ...

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Moving Beyond the Hype: Delivering Business Value with Today’s Data and Analytics Technologies

by Rick Skriletz –  Due to the constant state of change IT has seen for 30 ...

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How Retailers Can Leverage Big Data for Competitive Pricing Insights

by Bob Lambert –  Are you taking advantage of the opportunities Big Data provides for monitoring ...

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Don’t Implement a Data Lake Sandbox Without a Strategy and Roadmap

By Jeff Kish –  Today, many Big Data projects begin as technical sandbox projects, intended to ...

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Big Data Analytics: Information Management Challenges and Considerations

by Sai Yammada –  Businesses want insights and insights require data. Typically, IT Organizations with a ...

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How to Speed Data Integration by Transforming Data Transformation

by Debashis Rana –  Does the data integration process at your company sometimes seem tediously slow? ...

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Big Data needs BIG ANALYTICS to Translate Hype into Help

by Damon Samuel –  Is Big Data mostly hype, or does it offer real hope for ...

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Modern Cloud Data Platforms

We’ve updated the very popular blog titled, “The Best Data Ingestion Tools for Migrating to a ...

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Managing Information Security During Project Management, for ISO27001 and PCI DSS Compliance

by Wendy Castro –  In September 2016, Yahoo! had a rather bad day: The Internet giant ...

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