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Managing Agile to Achieve Insurance Business Goals

by Jackie Sembrano –  As Insurance companies embark on large programs such as Digital Transformation initiatives, ...

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Beyond the Hype: Responsive Agile for Financial Services

by Debashis Rana and Jeff Kish –  As technologies continue to advance, modern delivery paradigms like ...

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Accessibility testing is the cost of doing business

by Ravi Venkata – Namaste! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 26% of adults ...

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The Future of Software Testing in the Insurance Industry is AI and RPA

by Joel Pascua – The digital tester The challenge of providing high-quality code is as old ...

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Quality Engineering Trends in Healthcare

by Shrisha Jinukala – Most of the consumers utilize retail services such as Amazon, Walmart or ...

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IoT, Entertainment, Hospitality, and the New Normal

by Paolo Jaucian – It has been a couple of years since we started hearing about ...

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Quality With a Start-up Approach – Efficient and Cost Effective

by Rani Acharya – Let’s face it. Startups face a myriad of challenges to survive and ...

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Chronic Care Disease Management and Reducing Hospital Re-admissions: Using streaming data and AI to help get the job done

In a recent eBook, Dr. Rob Nelson shared how to achieve business at the speed of ...

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The Magic of the Metrics Cascade

by Robert Wolverton – In a previously shared eBook, Strategic Context – A Life Hack for Your Business”, Thomas Clarke identified ...

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