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Mobile Apps versus Web Applications

by Dov Rosenberg –  Every company is undergoing an IT transformation to address their growing mobile ...

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Transitioning QA & Testing to DevOps

by Andro Cobarrubias –  Don’t be a Scorpion A scorpion and a frog meet on the ...

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Optimizing the Value of Good Project Management with Automation

by Janice Dalmacio –  Automation is on the rise. From manufacturing to self-driving cars to financial ...

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Why I Love Machines that can Learn (AKA Artificial Intelligence)

by Hassan Faouaz –  It seems that Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s mind nowadays. People are ...

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Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing? It’s a Smart Move

by Frederick (PJ) Punzalan –  “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s a phrase you’ve heard your entire life. ...

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The Age of Voice-Activation Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

by Robert Wolverton –  “It’s voice activated, but you know, everything is voice activated these days.” ...

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Key Success Criteria for Managed Services: A Data Lake Environment Example

by Joe LoLordo –  Managed Services covers a broad spectrum of IT services and support that ...

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Value Creation – A Digital Journey

by Ashu Bhatia –  Of course, the digital lifestyle has been around for some time. Why ...

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Apply Big Data Techniques to Credit Risk Management

by Aldrich Veluz –  Taking risk is an integral part of the banking business and practicing ...

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