Agile & DevOps

As smart infrastructure (Digital) becomes more capable of fast and constant adaptation, your approach also needs to adapt

Fast and Constant Adaptation

Agile and DevOps are two approaches that speed up the ideation to reality timeline.  These two approaches bring cross-functional teams together to hasten the time to value.  Agile processes include the targeted end users to ensure what is designed is fit for purpose and generates the desired outcome.


We typically measure projects by whether they are on time, under budget, with the features we request.  But this doesn’t measure value.    Value is realized with metrics that observe the change in market share, customer satisfaction, and revenue attributed to the release. 

When Agile Isn’t Responsive to Business Goals

Agility is important, but it is not a replacement for a solid business strategy — one that is responsive to customers needs while keeping sight of your primary business goals.

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RCG incorporates Agile.Scrum principles at the team level and SAFe Agile principles at the organizational level.  

Our approach to DevOps encompasses the full system lifecycle – Plan, Create (Code, Build, Test), Package, Release, Configure and Monitor.  We use a variety of DevOps toolchains and platforms to meet the custom needs of each of our customers.  

RCG delivers Agile and DevOps engagements – Strategy, Engineering, and Sustainment – using a dual-shore approach.  Over 75% of our offshore delivery center resources in the Philippines work the US day shift allowing us to follow a true Agile process remotely.