RCG brings focused expertise to affect business change, enable digital transformation, and deliver measured value and impact.

What makes RCG India different?

RCG India focuses on achieving measurable business outcomes for customer engagement, workforce enablement, and operations optimization. We build innovative digital products and provide our clients with full-stack web and mobile app development teams. Our highly skilled experts are specialized in advanced design and development services. We apply DevOps and CI/CD approaches to our projects to ensure sustainability and security

RCG India

What We Do

Digital Transformation is all about increasing efficiency, generating faster and greater impacts, as well as defending against the next market disruptor. Companies are fatigued with mega IT projects, with overrun budgets, and under run impacts. How do you get the outcomes you need to compete in this evolving digital marketplace?


Deepu Zacharia

Deepu brings over 18 years of experience in helping brands and businesses solve problems. As chief executive in India, Deepu is responsible for delivering measurable business outcomes for RCG’s US clients. He and his team provide full-stack services that complete the systems’ journey from conceptualizing to designing and executing projects and through the ongoing sustainment of solutions to support the complete lifecycle of our clients’ operations.

Deepu and his team focus on providing solutions in eCommerce development, web application development, mobile application development, custom software development, Hadoop-based solutions, and cloud technologies to clients across the globe. Prior to RCG’s acquisition of Ti Technologies, Deepu was the Founder and CEO of the Ti Technologies organization. Deepu has a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Computer Engineering from CSI College of Engineering.